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Classes and Workshops


Medium Mentor Group

Every other Sunday


This is a group for those who are have had experiences with "the other side" or are interested in further developing their communication skills with Spirit Energies. In this group we will do a meditation and we will have open discussion about how to receive communications, what to do with what you receive, and how to fine tune these skills. Questions and experience sharing are welcome. This is not a formal class, it is more of a mentorship/coaching session for those who are looking for guidance when communicating with the other side.

Reiki Training with Sue

Level I & II

Tuesdays in July


Reiki Level I Certification
The focus of level one is self-healing and helping to heal others. This level will look at the history, benefits and Principles of Reiki, the Chakra System, self treatment
Reiki Level 2
Reiki Level II introduces you to the first 3 Reiki symbols. You will learn how to use them and experience how they work, including distance healing sessions. With the Reiki Level II attunement, your vibrational frequency as a healer will shift, and the power of your sessions will reflect that, not only by you, but by those you are treating.
This workshop also includes intuitive development in relation to your healing practice. 

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